Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow this summer has just flown by. I can't believe it is almost over BUT we still have a little bit left and are going to take advantage of it. We will be leaving on Thursday night for the Outer Banks and DC. I can't wait. I will have tons of pictures to post when I get back.
Noah is feeling so much better. His Papa took him to Chick Fil A yesterday to play in their play yard and to have "brunch". Then they went to Toys R Us and Gary said his little eyes just couldn't hardly take it all in. Of course, Papa had to buy Noah something there. And they met another Grandpa and his grandson, Noah. Isn't that funny? Noah just loves to be with his Papa. What a fun time they had.
Saturday, Karen and I went to this huge garage sale...Bargains Galore on Highway 64. Wow, there sure was lots of stuff to sift through. We did find quite a bit of Fire King glassware and I bought a fireplace mantel that will be going in my new patio area after it is rebuilt. We had a storm about a month ago that ripped part of the cover of the patio off and left it on our roof. So now the entire patio cover will have to be replaced and the builders are supposed to start on that today. When they are finished I will post before and after pictures including storm pictures if I can figure out how to download them from my phone. Gary has been painting the exterior of the house and when the patio cover and roof is completed our house will look great. It should all be done by the time we get back from our vacation.
Well, of course I have to post new pictures of Noah so here they are.

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