Sunday, August 30, 2009

It seems I have been gone forever but not really. ALL of my family, all four kids, one daughter-in-law, one grandson, one husband and me have been on vacation. This is not something we have done in a very, very long time. I don't have pictures up yet but soon will. We drove, yes I said drove with a 10-month old baby from Arkansas all the way to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. No we didn't stop and spend the night anywhere except for a few short hours at a rest stop somewhere along the way. That is 24 hours in a car there and 24 hours back home again. Whew! Next time, and I hope someday there will be a next time, we go anywhere that far away we will definitely be flying there. We went to the Outer Banks for a few days, drove up the coast to DC for a couple of days and back to our little beach house in Kitty Hawk for a few more days. I absolutely love the Outer Banks and I kind of think some in my family loved it too. It is so non-commercial there. None of the high-rise condos just mostly lovely little beach houses. Ours was right on the beach. In fact, the first night we were there because of Hurricane Bill some ways out in the Atlantic the waves were huge and the water came right up under our house. The kids said if we were anymore on the beach we would have to be a boat. We loved it. Got to see the house that was used in the film Nights in Rodanthe, got to see waves so large they were coming over the dunes and flooding some of the streets, saw several wonderful lighthouses and many historic sights in DC. Once I get the pictures up I will show you some of what we did. But for now just let me say we had a wonderful time but are very tired.

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