Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Morning. This blog party is wonderful. I am really enjoying meeting everyone here. I am also enjoying going to other blogs and meeting new people there. What a wonderful way to meet other Christian women and be encouraged by them.
I would like to give to you a word from my husband's newest book. We as a family have found this idea to be very helpful in our everyday living.
You can live out your full purpose of life as God intended. You do not have to be ruled out of your emotions and reasonings as most are. You can know "spirit dominance"and demand that you body and soul come into cooperation with your spirit. Spirit dominance is the human spirit submitted to the teacher, the Holy Spirit, with flesh (soul and body) cooperating to the maturity of the believer and the Glory of God.
Living out of emotion can be very hard on us. They cause us to do things that we wish we hadn't or for a situation to get out of hand very quickly. Most people especially us women do live out of our emotions because we are a very emotionally species. I am still learning to not look at situations through my emotions but through the Spirit. If we step back and learn to live out of the Spirit such as with disciplining our children, I think we will be much better parents. This can be applied to every area of our lives and we will have much more harmony in our families.
Have a blessed day.


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  1. Hi, I enjoyed looking at your blog.
    I too am an emotional person and sometimes have to ask God to forgive me when I blow it and give in to my feelings and frustrations instead of relying on Him.
    But I do feel His forgiveness and as though He is holding me.
    You can go to my site and read my poem/writing today. It is called,..."I Am Held".
    You can read about me on my profile.