Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This blogging is really interesting. I am meeting people all over the country that I never would have meet before and that is a fun thing. I sometimes go to links from one blog to another and find the same blog that I have found from an entirely different blog. What a small world we live in.

Do any of you like to travel. I do. I especially like the beach and to be specific, the Outer Banks beaches. They are the best I have been to. We are going there this summer and I am so excited. My entire family including little Noah are going with me. What a blessing for this to happen. It's not often that entire families after kids are grown even still live close much less go on a vacation together. Last year we went to Yellowstone National Park, Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore. What a fantastic trip that was. Gary says I plan too many trips. But there is so much to see! Also, Jenny is taking me to New York City soon. I can't wait for that trip either. I love being at home BUT I love seeing our great country.


  1. thanks. I hope to have a more recent one sometime soon.