Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last night I was listening to Gary talk to one of my kids and he was saying how this one has a good job and that one has a good job etc. It made me realize that in these hard economic times all four of my kids have good steady jobs that pay decent and so do Gary and I. How blessed is that! God is and God is good. We all have nice homes, not fancy but dry and warm and we all love being together. Also we are all healthy. There is nothing more a mother could ever ask for. (Maybe more grandkids but that's another story) Sometimes my heart overflows with love for God and not just because I have so much. But because he loves me so much. This is not to say we have never had bad things happen to us because we have but God has been faithful through it all. We can walk on that water if we never take our eyes off of Jesus.

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