Thursday, January 8, 2009

I just received word that a friend of my sister's was preparing to go home. She is so young, 46ish, and leaves three young daughters. She is a minister's daughter and will be meeting her earthly father as well as her heavenly Father shortly in heaven. Things like this I just don't understand. I am very close to both of my sisters and was especially close to my baby sister when she was in high school. I was already married (ten years between us) and she stayed at my house a lot and so did her friends. Of her friends there was a group that we became close to as well. This young woman was one of them. Heaven will be shining brighter in a bit.
It's only been a little over a year ago that we lost another of her friends and two more of these girls also have cancer. What a horrible, devastating thing from the pit of hell that is. If you are reading this, please pray for these women and for my sister. This has been hard for her. Thank God she is free from this disease and will always be so. This I claim in the Name Of Jesus for her, her family, me and my family, my other sister and her family. We have been touched enough by this.

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