Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Six years ago today our lives changed forever.  I had always heard how great it was to be a grandparent, that there was nothing like it and knowing how much I love being a parent, I knew I would love being a grandparent. BUT I was not ready for how in love I would be with this tiny bundle from the second I saw Noah. I just wanted to cry I was so happy and in love. I couldn't get enough of him. Jamie and Kacee lived in the town I work in so most days at lunch time I would go over there to just hold him and stare at him. Gary and I jumped at every chance we could to babysit (and still do for all of them).
 Noah turns six today. I love what a wonderful young man he is growing up to be. My prayer for Noah is to always love Jesus with all his heart and to grow up to be a Godly man like his Papa and his Daddy.

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