Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow dayssssss

We don't usually get this kind of snow this early in December but if we believe the Farmer's Almanac and the persimmons, we will probably have much more of this stuff this year. I don't mind the snow part. In fact, I love snow and snow days but I really don't like the ice that so much of the time comes before we get snow. The ice causes so much damage with trees and electrical lines. Thankfully, we only lost power for 12 hours this year unlike some other years when it was out for days unending. So thankful for the hard working people at the electric companies. Lots of major branches down, may even have to take out that tree.
On the brighter side of this storm, the boys had a great time outside and I think we had a great time inside too. We had a lot of time together, playing games, watching movies, trying to roast hotdogs in the fireplace (didn't work), building tents.

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