Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We're having fun now!

Yes sir, we are having fun now. Just about everything is moved in or out as the case may be, the boys are there all the time now (and I am loving it), baby Isaiah will be here any day now so......after just one week things seem to be settling down. And I have seen a side of Jamie I haven't seen in a while. He is being so patient with Kacee and the boys and working so hard every night after working hard at work during the day. I am so blessed with such good kids, kids-in-law, grandkids and husband. Oh and had a wonderful Mother's Day on top of it all.
On a different note............went to "decoration" Saturday with Karen and of course we had to do some junkin' on the way. We got some really cool junk and found a wonderful place to pick with two very interesting ladies who have been doing this for quite a while. Can't wait to go back there when they bring out more from their numerous barns.

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