Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shelter in a time of storm.

As I was thinking about a title for this post and thought of this one "Shelter in a time of storm", I was reminded that the ultimate shelter is Jesus Christ who is always there to be our shelter in any kind of storm that life brings our way. So blessed to have Him in my life to shelter me and mine. Speaking of "shelters", in out little town there are large storm shelters that are used as gyms during the non-storm times at each of the schools. We have one at the junior high-high school area, one at the middle school-elementary school area and a final one at the elementary school that stands alone. These are all in different areas of town and very easily accessible. So thankful for these. They do get quite full and stuffy but so what.....we are safe.
 We kind of thought we might be heading to the shelter so we prepared ahead of time with folding chairs, a couple of blankets and snacks for the boys. You just never know how long you might be there. All the kids there were well behaved and so were the dogs and there were a lot of them. The cats are required to be in carriers.
 Guess Noah was hoping for the sunshine to come back out. Such an optimist.

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