Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread house time

Last night was gingerbread house decorating time. We love doing this every year and started decorating gingerbread houses even before the boys were born. This is the first year that both boys actually could do the decorating and Noah even did his mainly by himself. I also saw a tip on decorating the houses the other day about the actual building of the house. We always have trouble with that part.......keeping them together with just the royal icing. Well, this mother "glued" her houses together BEFORE the kids started decorating them and not with just the icing but with hot glue. So the night before, I did just that. What a difference that made. The decorating was so much easier. The houses actually stayed together while we decorated them. Fun times and lots of memories were made again last night.
These are gingerbread houses pre-Noah and Jonah made by adults.
The gingerbread houses the boys made.

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