Monday, October 8, 2012

50th Anniversary

No, not my anniversary (not that many years yet) but our church family's 50th Anniversary Celebration was held yesterday. It was a great day, getting to see old friends that had moved away, family too; lots of hugs and handshaking going on, reminicing about old times. Great day. We are a small church that God has been so faithful to and I am so thankful for. My kids have been raised in this church since they were born. My in-laws were the first pastors and now my husband and I have been blessed to pastor. We are just a big family that loves Jesus and each other.
 Of course Papa had to introduce his boys to the congregation just in case some of the visiting people didn't know them.
 Beautiful day for 50th Anniversary lunch outdoors.
 Cutie pie cousins

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  1. Oh how awesome 50 years!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.