Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Jenny has always loved Superman even when she was just a very young girl. I remember as does she when she wanted Superman underwear. Well, you've got to remember that Superman underwear only came in boys undewear not girls but she didn't care. After all, it was Superman. Being the good mother that I tried to be, I just couldn't let my little girl wear boys underwear. Now the girl's underwear was Supergirl so I got those. Just call me Bad Mama because that is exactly what Jenny thought of me. How dare I get Supergirl underwear when she wanted Superman. She to this day still tells me how upset she was that she couldn't have the boys underwear. Oh well, I tried.
Jenny has transfered that love of Superman to Noah. Last week she bought him a very early birthday present. OMGosh, was he ever excited to get his very own Superman suit with a cape and not have to wear a towel for a cape anymore. He ever knows how to stand.

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