Wednesday, June 15, 2011

West End Park

Last night for family night we went to the West End Park in downtown. It's a fun little park to go too. We rode the carousel with the boys but not the horses at first. Noah, Jonah and I rode in a little carriage I guess is what you would call it on the carousel waving to Papa. After two rides in that, Noah decided he did want to ride one of the horses. I think it kind of scared him at first but then he really loved it. Kacee and Jamie drove up and Noah started waving to them hollering "Hey Mom, hey Dad". He is talking so big and it is so cute. I love hearing him talk. There is also a diner there that is inside a small passenger railway car, the Boomerang Cafe. So when Kacee and Jamie got there we went inside to eat. The food is really good and the atmosphere is retro. I think Jonah enjoyed the ice cream the best. Just give him some sugar and he is good to go. After we ate, we were going to ride the carousel again but it was broken down so.....Noah talked his dad into riding the ferris wheel.
That thing goes fast!

This little park is a place that I know we will be going to again.

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