Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just got back from a week of kids camp and teen camp and it was amazing! I love watching all of the kids young and teens, seeking the face of God. Such a special time in their lives and mine. I thank God I can be a part of this even though I am old. My part in camp is to cook and I love it. And I had so much help this year from several of the adults from our church, guys and gal a like. They are terrific! From Sunday through the following Monday we went practically non-stop with activities such as swimming, volleyball, wild and crazy games, softball, camp fires AND the best part for me was getting to spend SO much time with Noah and Jonah. In fact at one time my entire family except for Josh was there. That hasn't happened I guess since the kids were all really small. I love it. We also have an activity called Battlerama. This is where there are about 4-6 teams that throw paint, flour, food we have leftover from all week at camp and water at others while trying to see who gets the most tennis balls that were in the middle of the field. Wow! I would never do this but the kids love it. I will be posting pictures of this amazing event very soon.

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