Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It's Sunday night and I am sitting in my living room watching tv with Gary and typing here. So far we have had a good holiday weekend. I went to an auction Friday night. I have found I really like going to auctions, they are fun and interesting to see what kind of deal you can get. Saturday morning, Karen and went garage saleing to a citywide garage sale. We didn't find just an awful lot of good deals but did find a few really good things. Then we went over to the Habitat Restore shop. That is the coolest place. You just never know what you are going to find there. We have been buying old wooden windows that we then take to our antique booth. They don't last long there. I love those windows with all that chippy paint. We actually got some cabinet doors that I have used to make the chalkboards. We got several different sizes of doors and lots of windows and I have already started working the cabinet doors. Today I started painting and repurposing and staining. I have a lot of stuff in my carport that needs to be finished although we don't have room in our booth for anything else right now. I just hope we can sell a lot of stuff to make room for more. I am really enjoying doing this more than anything I have ever done before.
Today after a terrific service at church we took Noah to the park to ride the train. We were going to last night but he fell asleep and slept until it was too late to go. He had so much fun not just riding the train but also at the park on the swings and the slides. His friend Alyssa and her mom went with us. They really seemed to have a lot of fun. Creekmore part is such a great place to take kids and there were so many people there with their families, playing, grilling. Everything smelled so good. I hope to get to take him back in a week or so and maybe go on a picnic. I love to picnic. He was so tired and sleepy but he just kept on playing. Jamie got some video and pictures that I will try to post later.
Tomorrow we are probably just going to work on stuff around here and maybe try to finish up some painting. Nice holiday.

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