Monday, August 2, 2010

Jenny's Birthday

This weekend Jenny came home and we celebrated her birthday with a family day at the house. We didn't actually do much but we all enjoy being together and watching Noah play and holding little Jonah. Jenny has been collecting little cars from the movie "Cars" for Noah and she has a bunch. She doesn't do anything small. He already had a bunch of them when she brought about 10 more in the packaging, lined them up on the floor and waited for him to find them. OMGosh when he found them, I think it completely overwhelmed him. He giggled which I have never heard him do, and then just kept raising one hand. And when Jenny and him started opening them, he would squeeze him fists and shake each time. He was so excited. He loves playing with all of his cars. He lines them up in a neat row, then picks them up four or five at a time and dumps them in some kind of bucket or even Jonah's car seat. Sometimes with Jonah in it. I have watched him play with these cars for very long periods of time. He gets so focused. I wonder what is going on through that precious little head of his.
We also bought him a small swimming pool with a slide, blew it up and filled it early so the water could warm up thinking he would really like this. Uh, NO! He loves "swimming" in this bathtub but no where else. He has no use for the water no matter how warm it is. Oh well, we tried. Meanwhile Jonah pretty much slept through it all. Such a sweet baby.
After trying the pool and taking him swimsuit off, Noah decided he would swing a while. Now that he loves to do. We really had a great day doing not much of anything but playing, eating, Jonah sleeping and being together. How great is that!

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