Friday, August 13, 2010

The Beach

The beach is where I long to be. I love it there and can't really tell you why. There is just something about the sand, the smell, the water, everything that draws me there. It 's a funny draws me and my two sisters there. We went to the Florida beaches a couple of times growing up so it's not like we grew up going to the beach in the summers but we sure do love going there. If I could get my entire family to move there, I would. Years ago, my dad got transfered to North Carolina but decided to quit his job and move back home to Arkansas. Oh my, we almost got there. My favorite beach so far is the Outer Banks beaches. It is hard for me not to go to the beach every year but I think my family would desert me if I tried to make them go. I do love to travel, always have but the beach is my all time favorite. I think we are going back next summer at least that is what we are planning on doing. Yeah!!!

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