Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Anniversary

Our anniverary was yesterday. 38 YEARS!!!! I can't believe it. I shouldn't be any older than 38 much less have been married for 38 years. I know it's cliche but really...where did the time go? If I didn't have grown children and the memories for all these years, I would have thought I had been asleep during this time. Wow. And Gary came to my office, brought me a dozen beautiful red roses and sang "You are my sunshine" to me. He's so sweet. We are not much on big gifts to one another for our anniversary, we just enjoy being together. And believe it or not, he is the one to always without fail remember our anniversary. I am the one that forgets it a lot of years. Weird huh?! We have actually been together for 41 years because we dated for 3 years before we got married; one in high school and the other two in college. Yes, we are high school sweetheart. Awwww...But before that we were best friends. To stay married to anyone longer than a couple of years, you have to like that person as well as love them. In fact you should like them first because there are going to be lots of moments when you think you really don't love them, how could you have thought you did...they make you so angry...but then he will do something so incredibly sweet that ... could you not love him. And I do love him more now than ever before. SO...Happy Anniversary to my sweetie.

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  1. seriously?! you guys are too cute! i can't believe he sang to you! i love it!