Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Join with me

Today I am joining with a good friend of my daughter-in-law in a challenge to honor our husbands. It starts today and goes through May 27th which is mine and Gary's 38th anniversary. Wow! It sure doesn't seem that long until I think of all the things that have transpired in those 38 years. So here is my list of five things I am going to do everyday for him and he won't even know it's a blog thing because he just doesn't get this blogging thing. Join Emily and me in this challenge. I know you can do it and it will strengthen your marriage.
1. Pray for him
2. Rub his feet or neck, or scratch his back after a hard day (and if you know me you know this is something he loves and I don't)
3. Email him when he’s at work, telling him how much you love him
4. Brag about him to other people both in front of him and even when he’s not there
5. Put love notes in his pockets and brief case

These are just a few of the ways that we as wives can show our love to our husbands. If you want to join with Emily click here. Thanks Emily for reminding all of us to show God's love to our husbands and make our homes what they should be.

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  1. I can't tell you how excited I am that you've joined me in the challenge! Thank you so much!

    I think it's so neat that you're going to try to do these daily!!

    OH! And May 27th is my 3-year anniversary!!! :-)