Friday, March 12, 2010

Another weekend

I can't believe another week has already come and gone. We had a great time at Jenny's last weekend but don't have pictures to post yet. Jenny had found a great little playground in Sapulpa for Noah to play on. You have to see it to really appreciate how cute it was. On the way home I started getting sick and by Monday had full blown bronchitis, Jamie got sick that night and on Tuesday doc said he had bronchitis and pneumonia. THEN on Wednesday Gary got sick, when to doc and he has bronchitis and severe asthma. NEXT Noah started running a temp and Jamie decided he needed to take Noah on to the doc (which his doc is in Talihina which is about an hour and a half away) and this was about 9:30 that night. SO Jessica went with him. They got back around 3:30 in the morning. Noah has bronchitis and an ear infection. ENOUGH!!!! Although we all feel bad, these are things we will get over and have good health again. I am so thankful that none of these illnesses are really bad and that we have good medical care to help us through this. Thankful for God giving the doctors the knowledge they need and medicines we need. Otherwise, these illnesses could be deadly and are in some countries. God is and God is good.
This weekend Karen, Lana and I are going to be participating in an antique show at Phoenix Village Expo. It is set up one weekend a month and the last two months we just visited. This month we decided to try our hand at it. Lana has a pretty successful little business repainting and repurposing furniture in Missouri and she will be bringing her stuff down here. Karen and I have pretty much cleaned out our booth at the antique mall and will have it at Phoenix Village Expo. I hope we do as good as I think we will. We'll be setting up tonight and be there all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. Come see us if you get a chance.

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