Monday, November 2, 2009

Hee Haw 09

Wow, what a busy weekend. It's alway this way the weekend of our church's annual Hee Haw fellowship, completing the script, having rehearsals, decorating, setting up tables, cooking, more rehearsals and finally the show. It's a lot of fun but also a lot of work BUT I couldn't do it without all of the wonderful help I have. The ladies that do the cooking are great and I don't even have to think about that part. I just know it will be taken care of. The kids that are in the program are great too. So willing to help set up and clean up. Jessica took over part of the show this year directing the kids in decorating and getting furniture moved to the stage. We are really blessed to have her as our youth pastor and no I am not prejudiced just stating a fact. We have been doing this for five years now and this originally just started out to be a tribute to Gary's father whose birthday was October 30. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we have continued it ever since.


  1. Thought I'd stop by here today and say hello from Canada.

    I saw your prayer request at the cafe and I'd be honored to pray for you.

    BTW, your hee haw sounds like fun!

    blessings from Canada

  2. Just wanted you to know that I prayed for you today... Thanks for your prayers for my mother :)