Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Full House and War Eagle

Wow, what a houseful we had last night. Tuesday nights is our family time with kids and grandkid (hopefully that will change to grandkidS in the near future) but we also had a young family with three small kids from our church for dinner. We also "adopted" Jamie and Kacee's little Otis (dog) for a while. So we had four small children, seven adults, two dogs and two cats. Full house. But I kind of like it that way just not all the time. Our house will continue to grow with animals tonight because Jenny is coming home for a long weekend and will be bringing her two cats with her. Whew! She is coming in so we can go to War Eagle this Friday morning. We were going to go on Thursday but it is supposed to rain and rain and craft shows just don't go together in my book. So we are going Friday morning and hopefully it won't be too soggy out there. I love the fall craft shows. I'll have to post some pictures of our finds next week. My niece, Lana, is having her first booth there and I can't wait to see what all she has. She is a very talented young woman, painting like crazy while raising four kids and taking care of her husband. Wonder woman! but then most women I know are wonder women.

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