Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brownstone Farms

I think this is something I haven't blogged about before and probably should have. Our little farm....Brownstone Farms. It is actually run mainly by Jamie and Kacee but we help and like to claim it too. I never would have thought Jamie would be such a good farmer but him and Kacee are doing great. They have lots of goats, chickens, pigs, dogs, kids and a huge garden. I have in the past had a pretty good sized garden for me which eventually turned into just a container garden which produced maybe four tomatoes a year but this is as big or bigger than my dad's gardens which produced tons of veggies. They have all kids of veggies but mainly tomatoes like 400 plants. OMGosh! Gary and I keep the kids while Jamie and Kacee take a lot of these veggies to the Greenwood Farmers Market. They also make bread and cinnamon rolls and I make jam. Everything is selling very well. We are all loving this very blessed farm life.
Plus so far we have made salsa......
and spaghetti sauce. Keep those tomatoes coming!

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