Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Spring break for some of us was spent in our nation's capital.......Washington D.C. We went on a prayer mission to pray around some of the great monuments of our country. We handed out stickers encouraging people to pray with the scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14. We were on a mission but we had fun and saw lots of sights as well. The majority of the travelers drove on two vans for 23 hours! Five of us flew including me. We rented a large home (the same one we rented three years ago) which gave us the opportunity to have breakfast at the house plus fix sack lunches to take with us. We cooked every night except one and went to Carmines that one meal. We walked, rode the metro, walked some more, saw monuments, handed out stickers, walked, ate lunch wherever we happened to be whether it was the Library of Congress or the Lincoln Monument, walked, performed dramas, walked and walked and walked. The day the kids stayed late to see the monuments after dark, they recorded that they had walked over 10 miles that one day. It was a very tiring trip but a very rewarding one as well.
 The elevators were very steep. Just glad it wasn't stairs.
Following their leader!
 Walking past the Vietnam Memorial
 Waiting for our next train.
Eating lunch across from the Capital Building.
 Lunch at the Library of Congress
 Lunch at the Lincoln Memorial

There are lots more pictures but I will save them for another day.

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