Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My family history

I have been doing family history research lately and have run across quite a few old pictures....some I have seen and some I have never seen. I love researching family history, finding new people and wondering how they lived; seeing how large some of the families were. It's really pretty cool, I think, or maybe I am just getting old. I don't know and don't really care, I just know I really like it. So as a part of my journal here, I am going to post some of these old pictures I have found. I'm also going to tag these pictures for future generations supposing they read this.
This first one is of my grandmother, my dad, my great grandmother and me (up in the corner) at White Sands, NM.
 This is Ma and Dad Sims, Granny Yates' parents.
 This is Pa and Big Ma Yates, Grandad Oscar's parents.
 Ma Sims
 The girl in the back on the right side is my grandmother. She really didn't change much in looks.

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