Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School and other things

It's that time again.........the first day of school. Not for my kids but my grandsons, two of them. First day of kindergarten and first day of pre-k. It sure doesn't take them long to grow up. I think these "first day" pictures are so great and I sure wish we had thought of them when my kids were small.
 A year sure makes a difference at this age. Noah really looks a lot older.
 Both boys on first day of Mrs. Baker's Learn and Play school a year apart. Great little pre-school. All four of mine attended her class.
Gotta have some Ninja Turtles!

 Isaiah's very own book case and favorite character "Hot Dog" aka Mickey Mouse.
 Jonah and his monkey that really goes on his back but this way he can love on him. I think he has seen his mom "wear" Isaiah like this when he was much younger and smaller.
 All three boys have played with this little tea pot. It is really looking like it too.

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