Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mrs. Baker

When my oldest, Jennifer, was little she was very attached to home. She didn't like to stay anywhere that wasn't with me or Gary or grandparents so we decided Jenny needed to go to preschool so she could get used to going to school and being away from us for short periods of time. When she started kindergarten it would be all day and I just wasn't sure how she would handle that. Preschool was only a couple mornings a week and she actually handled it very well. We found a preschool at the First Baptist church here in Greenwood; it was very highly recommended. Mrs. Karen Baker was the teacher and Jenny loved her. This is a picture of Jenny in Mrs. Baker's class. The next picture is one with Mrs. Baker and Jenny. When it was time for Josh to start school we decided preschool would be a good thing for him to so we enrolled him in Mrs. Baker's classes. When Jamie and Jessica came along there was no question they too would go to preschool there. And so the tradition continues......Noah is going there and absolutely loving it and learning so much. Thanks Mrs. Baker for the influence you have had on my children and grandchildren. You're the best.

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