Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweet boys

Our sweet boys spent the night with us this weekend. I love it when they are here, we have so much fun. Last night we went to the store and Noah wanted everything that had spiderman on it or power rangers....didn't matter if he like the food or not just that it had one of those characters on it. Well, guess what???? He got most of it. He was with his Nana and Papa you know. We went swimming this morning. Those two are so much fun in the water. Amazingly, Noah was terrified of it at the first of the summer and wouldn't even get in. Now he is like a fish. Absolutely loves it. Jonah has always loved it, no fear. These boys played, ate, swam, ate, played some more and ate some more. Oh and Noah has been wanting to download new games to Papa's ipad and found one that would teach him to speak Chinese. He really wanted this one. Chinese!!!! He is three, will be four in October and he wants to learn Chinese. Such smart kids.
No they don't have black eyes...............just dirt.

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