Sunday, July 15, 2012


Busy weekend! Grilled burgers, Jenny home, swam with boys and that was just on Friday night. Noah has done a complete turnaround on swimming. Just a few weeks ago he wouldn't even hardly get in the water and sure wouldn't  play in the water. He was so scared but this weekend he was a totally different child. He jumped, swam, played, had so much fun. I love it. Saturday we ate donuts, collected Katydid shells, went to Toys R Us where Jonah was in heaven. He ran from isle to isle yelling "wow". So cute. Then we went to Jonah's birthday party. His mom and dad got him a kids john deere mower with a little wagon on the back. OMGosh he was so excited and so was Noah. Those two had so much fun on that toy. Good weekend.

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