Monday, December 26, 2011


We just got back from an absolutely wonderful trip to Orlando to meet none other than Mickey Mouse himself. It was busy but probably not as busy as it had to be after we left on Christmas Eve. Our entire family including grandsons took this trip except for our son who lives in Las Vegas of all places. We flew on Air Tran and I must say it was a very nice flight extending from pilot to flight attendants. Noah and Jonah met Mickey and Minnie and Noah was so overwhelmed meeting Mickey, he just fell on the floor.  I tell you these boys were a blast to be with. Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being with my own kids as well but you know how it is with little ones especially little grandchildren. Their faces and excitement are priceless. Just look.
We went to all four parks. Whew!!! I'm not sure I still have feet. I sure would like to know how many thousands of miles we walked this week. It had to be thousands...surely. Anyway, we rented a house which was awesome allowing us to do a lot of our own cooking. Jamie made Mickey pancakes one morning.
Now just for some random photos. Enjoy!
 Ice cream
My girls

I think Jonah has a crush on Princess Aurora.
We took so many pictures there is no way to put all of the best ones on here but we made lots of memories that will last forever.
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  1. That sounds like a fabulous trip. I can remember going for Christmas one year when mykids were little... how times change.
    I think a trip around EPCOT would last for a years worth of Traveling Tuesdays!