Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas help.

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Again? Already? Wow. I have been reading some blogs about planning for Christmas such as a budget, time managment, etc. A lot of the comments I have seen are from young mothers stating they wish the "grandparents" wouldn't go so overboard on buying for the grandchildren. As I have two young grandsons, my question is this...what would you like for me to do for my grandchildren? As a grandparent, I really enjoy buying for my boys but I look at everything they have (and it's a lot) and I see that they need NOTHING! But I can't not get them something for Christmas. So any suggestions would be appreciated. What do you do for your grandchildren?


  1. When I was young, my Grandma gave pajamas to all the grandchildren for Christmas every year. It was a tradition.

  2. My perrrrrfect present from my parents to our children would be a voucher to take them away for a special overnight trip.

    That would be so great for us as parents to. In fact, I'd be thrilled with that as my Christmas present!!

    But I'm always very grateful for whatever our parents give to the children...I should add!!

    I 've had a lovely read of your blog and have signed up to follow you. I really love your style of writing - so warm and inviting!


  3. Hi there :)

    Thanks for the great advice you left on my blog! In answer to your current question, I would agree with Sarah. A ticket for a "date with grandma" sounds like a great present for both grandchild and parent.

    Also, you seem a bit more blog savvy than I am, so.. do you know how to change the format of the comment section so that I can "reply" to individual comments rather than just adding another comment myself at the very bottom? Thanks!

  4. my grandmother (such an awesome lady, right?!) always buys the grandkids (now great-grandkids!) a full outfit, usually with socks and underwear, and sometimes a book to go with it, as she and the kids love books! pajamas are great, as is new shoes. that way you're getting them something they need, and the parents won't be mad about noise, lol. or ask the kids what they want, and then confer with the parents to see if that's ok, or if they're already getting that item.