Friday, September 30, 2011

What a week!!!

No pictures this time but WOW what a week! I took a week off from work to "de-clutter" my house. But my first project was going to be painting a built-in desk in our middle bedroom. The book shelves are wood but the desk top is formica. OMGosh what a job this turned out to be. I first painted it white as a base and was going to leave it white but I love color so I decided to paint it red. SO......after purchasing a gallon of red paint, painting on two coats and it not covering, my daughter suggested I paint it with a gray primer. I did that and then Gary discovered the red paint was defective and that was why it wasn't covering (and probably didn't need the gray primer). Took the red paint back, got a different brand of the same color red, painted two coats of this paint and was finished. Let's see now, that is 6 coats of paint on this desk over four days!!!!!! And I thought this was going to be finished in one day and I could move on to other places to clean. NOT. Finally this morning I applied a black stain that I wiped off leaving a black glaze and now we wait until next week to put everything back in the shelves and desk that has been sitting in this bedroom and down the hall ALL WEEK!!!! WOW!!!!
I did get a couple of closets, bathroom drawers, back porch clean out and straightened, pictures hung and other minor projects waiting for attention but Really????  A Whole Week to paint one desk?? I'm exhausted.
Now on to Jenny's tomorrow for Disney on Ice Toy Story 3. Yeah!!!!!!
(I know...lot's of puncuation and caps. What can I say, I'm dramatic!!!!!!!)

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