Friday, March 11, 2011

Las Vegas

My oldest son left a week ago to move to Las Vegas of all places. He is a dialysis tech and was offered two great jobs out in Las Vegas. He has always wanted to move away from our little country town and now had the opportunity to do so. I miss him. He had been living at home for the last several months so I kind of got used to him being around again. Especially when it was time to take the trash out on trash day. hehe. I never thought one of my kids would move that far away from home, I hoped one of my kids would never move that far from home. So one did and the others better look out cause Momma ain't gunna be a happy camper if any more move way off. He's the one in the middle. All I can say is "What were you thinking!!!" Seriously, I do wish him the best, pray for him continuously and look forward to seeing him soon. Love ya Josh! Don't let the bright lights suck you in.

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