Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally I have gotten my pictures uploaded from our New York City trip a couple of weeks ago. One thing before I start explaining what everything is. I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog where she and her girls went to New York City just a couple of days after we did and she talked about the girls getting these "free" hats at Rockefeller Center that cost $20. We did the same thing! There are these military guys I think it was, standing out by Rockefeller center handing out cute NYC knit hats for "free". Then they ask for a $10 donation. Oh well, the hats are cute and definitely worth it.

Ok, the first two pictures are floats and people from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day that were involved in shooting a new movie called Tower Heist. That was exciting to watch. Didn't see any movie stars though. 

This was where we ate the first night in the City. So very good. Italian family style.

Then we went to see the Rockettes. This was something I have always wanted to do. It was fabulous.

Times Square as it was getting dark.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and ice skating.

At the Today Show on Friday morning.

Jessica has a friend, Valarie, who lives in NYC and took us to a little place for lunch called Penelopes.

The Empire State building at the top. You can see for miles.
We rode the subway a lot. It was a good way to get around the City.

Jessica is standing in front of the Statue of Liberty although I probably don't have to even say that. She is as cold as she looks. The wind was blowing VERY hard.

Yeah! The big piano from the movie Big.

And of course, Central Park.

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