Monday, July 12, 2010

Whirlwind summer

Wow!!! what a summer this is turning out to be. So far I have taken 8 days off from work only to work my tail off during those days off. The first 6 days was for church camp. Our church does its own camp at Robber's Cave in Wilburton OK. It is great and I love it there is also very tiring. Another girl from the church and I do most of the cooking with 3 full meals a day plus snacks which after I counted how many meals we had cooked made me even more tired. We had 50 campers for the kids camp so that's 50 people times 3 meals a day for 3 days = 450 meals. Then for the teen camp we had 100 campers for 3 meals a day for 4 days = 1200 meals. ACKKKKKK!!! That just made me even more tired. I guess though if I didn't love doing it, I wouldn't do it. I just need to be in better physical shape next year.
We got back from camp on Monday, I went back to work on Tuesday and the next weekend was the Fourth of July. Went to my sister's on Saturday and celebrated....celebrated more on Monday...went back to work on Tuesday and Thursday for newest grandson...they came home on Friday...stayed and helped with baby Jonah and Noah who we had had since Wednesday night...kept Noah Saturday morning since Jamie had 10 year reunion...helped with Jonah and Noah all day Saturday...slept in Sunday morning (whew!)...and am now back at work and maybe back to a regular schedule for a while. I am so glad even though I am tired, that my son and his wife allow me to help them so much. I am very blessed to have such a great daughter-in-law. As I said, Wow! what a summer so far.

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  1. teresa! you guys are so sweet to help!! we appreciate ya'll so much! i don't know how we would have made it through the weekend without your help! :) love ya'll!!