Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still at home

I am still at home following knee surgery on Monday. This is the second time in a year. That's OK, though. It could be something much worse and I will be feeling and walking much better very soon. Haven't been on the computer much since then. This surgery left me feeling much weaker than the last one.
I would like for those that follow this blog to pray for my little grandson, Noah. He has been pretty sick with a respiratory infection and has been on breathing treatments for the last couple of days. Poor little guy and with my knee surgery I haven't been able to go see him. I miss him and would love to be able to see him but I just pray for him here at home. He is getting better but still needs our prayers. Thanks to you all.


  1. noah misses his nana!!! he is feeling much better today and i'm sure we'll get to come visit soon!!! hope you are feeling much better!!!!

  2. I am praying for you! Happy New Year!